For the love of games

Join us on a journey into game development. At Truename Games, we make games because we love them - and we want to make the world better through tabletop gaming.


Lori Ramey

Lori's career has focused on both education and design, finally landing on game development as the ideal mix of both. Serving as a nexus of ideas, trivia, and people, Lori delights in  making new connections, seeing patterns, and clarifying problems to set up solutions. Previously, she taught English and writing at both the K12 and college level alongside a career of freelance work in print layout, graphic design, marketing, and digital advertising. She enjoys playing tabletop games with strong exploration mechanics, character leveling, or card/dice drafting. Online, you'll probably find her replaying The Witcher 3 until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.  Contact Lori

Coart Ramey

Coart Ramey researched game creation in the context of critical pedagogy at the University of Georgia during his doctoral work. After 15 years in the classroom teaching history, logic, and writing, he left to work full-time on his two passions: game creation and fiction writing. He devours military history, science fiction, and chocolate chip cookies. Favorite games include Quantum, Ghost Stories, Star Wars: Rebellion, and (online) Hearts of Iron IV. When he's not designing games, he's writing short stories or working on his second novel. You can read more of his work here.  Contact Coart

Jesse James

Jesse James is a composer and game developer based in Atlanta. When he's not creating commissioned works or directing an orchestral recording for a AAA video game score, Jesse is likely jotting down ideas for his next tabletop RPG session. Recently, he united his professional interests in music and tabletop gaming to create ambient music tracks to accompany the Fragged Empire tabletop universe (listen on YouTube).  View Portfolio. With a deep love of tabletop gaming, Jesse focuses on creating a welcoming environment for all types of players and works hard to explain rules clearly without weighing down players with too much information too early. Recent favorite tabletop games include Concordia, Railroad InkCondotierre, Jaipur, Archipelago, The Fox in the Forest, and Azul. Jesse regularly runs tabletop RPG sessions using systems from Dungeon World, Blades in the Dark, and Spire, besides collecting a variety of TTRPG manuals. He's currently designing two tabletop RPGs. Contact Jesse