Games in Development

Sisters & Spirits

8 women, 4 bodies, 1 crazy night in a haunted house

Tile-laying. Tower defense. Hauntings. 

Players (2 to 8) control either Sisters or Spirits in this semi-cooperative tabletop game. The Sisters control four courageous sorority girls who entered a haunted house on a dare. The've awoken the Spirits, four female ghosts who've been trapped in the house since the early 20th century.

Sensing a pathway to escape their confinement, the Sisters work to terrorize and then possess the Sisters so they can take control and exit the house. Meanwhile, the Sisters must guard one another from possession and make use of interesting items scattered throughout the house - and their wits - to escape!

Play begins with an Exploration phase focused on Exploration and Tile-Laying, as Sisters and Spirits take turns selecting from a row of available rooms and placing them on the board, working out from the mausoleum lying at the heart of the creepy house's basement. As soon as the first Exit Door is placed by either side, the first Sister appears and the second phase begins. For the remainder of the game, the mechanics shift toward Tower Defense. The Sisters must rush for the doors and make it out unpossessed, no matter what the Spirits throw at them -- or the Spirits will win!

Outlaw Starbuck

Are you feeling lucky? Good. Crank up the crazy.

A tabletop role-playing game of reckless ace pilots and white knuckle deep-space dogfights

You are an ace pilot flying a small, high-mobility, deep-space-fighter caught up in white knuckle dogfights, self-destructive habits, and a power struggle bigger than yourself that you can’t escape, no matter how hard you try.

Play takes place over two phases - Good Hunting and R&R. During Good Hunting, you and your fellow pilots will push yourselves to the limit on death-defying missions. You’ll learn things from the GM about the war that make you feel more and more like a pawn in the higher ups’ game. You’ll roll some dice when you come up against obstacles. You’ll most likely make it through, but only due to your roguish luck and piloting skills.

During R&R, we’ll catch a glimpse of your life and all the angst, drama, and frustration you carry with you like a black hole every time you step into your cockpit.

The tabletop engine encourages players to narrate audacious maneuvers in hopes of scoring big - or going out in a blaze of glory. Players can award "push points" to assist the die rolls of fellow pilots at the table, giving a much-needed edge at the last second. Throw your ship into the fray! See if you live to see another day!

*Playing with the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack in the background adds +1 to every roll. Try it.