Sisters & Spirits tabletop game play-testing for Truename Games

Truename Games in 2019

Truename Games was launched by three friends who realized they loved making games as much as they enjoyed playing them.

As 2019 opens, we have taken the step of going public and ramping up our appearances at game conventions and play-testing events. We have 2 games in active play-testing at this point, with 3 more on the horizon this year.

Current games in play testing include:
– Sisters & Spirits: a tower defense card game
– Outlaw Starbuck: a tabletop RPG for those who want to push their luck to the very edge and channel the ethos of Cowboy Bebop + Battlestar Galactica (or Star Wars)

Meanwhile we’re working hard to iron out mechanics for a roll and write fantasy game, a spaceship combat game, plus a light-hearted look at the world of goblin-baking. And more tabletop RPG action from Jesse, our resident TTRPG expert.

Planned convention appearances:
We will be at TantrumCon in Spartanburg, SC in February to play-test Sisters & Spirits and gather feedback for game development.

In May, we plan to attend Protospiel Atlanta to put more of our game designs through their paces.

That’s just the start of a busy 2019!

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